11 to 15

October 2020

Brasília - Brazil

11 to 15 October 2020

Brasília - Brazil

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Abstract submission rules

There is no need to pay the registration fee in advance to submit an abstract.

WARNING: it is not possible to edit or alter the abstract after the submission, only the authors information. If you want to exclude the abstract, please contact us.

All abstracts must be submitted through the online system of 50º CBG, following the sequential rules described below:

  • On the official event website, you can download a template of a published abstract. The publishing of the abstracts should follow the rules described in this template.
  • Abstract file page settings match: A4 sheet; margins (top, bottom, right and left) of 1.5 cm; and single spacing.

Abstracts that do not have between 350 and 500 words will be automatically disapproved, without going through the evaluation of the Session Coordinators and Scientific Committee. Title, authors and affiliation will not be counted in the sum of the words.

  • During submission, a single word file formatted in accordance with the Summary Preparation Guide must be attached. After the submission, no type of correction or replacement of the file will be allowed.

The evaluation of the abstracts will be performed by the Session Coordinators and Scientific Committee, taking into consideration: (i) the relation of the abstract to the theme of the Symposium or Technical-Scientific Session; (ii) presentation of some technical-scientific contribution; (iii) which do not contain conceptual errors; and (iv) that do not represent a proposal or intentions to perform a particular study without presentation of results.

Approved abstracts may be submitted to possible corrections. Any mistake, whether typing, spelling, etc., will be the sole responsibility of the author (s).

Authors may submit as many abstracts as they wish, but for the purpose of presentation at the congress and publication in the Book of Abstracts, it will be allowed to link and validate only 3 (two) abstracts per registration.

Presentation format chosen by the author (poster or oral) will not be the final format of the presentation. The presentation format will be defined later by the Session Coordinators and Scientific Committee.

E-mail: abstractbrasil@mci-group.com
T: +55 (11) 3515-8672
M: +55 (11) 94057-2421

Submission themes

  • THEME 1: Geosciences for Society
  • THEME 2: History and Diffusion of Geosciences
  • THEME 3: Geohazards and Engineering Geology
  • THEME 4: Water Resources and Environmental Geoscience
  • THEME 5: Paleoenvironment and Climate Changes
  • THEME 6: Planetary Sciences
  • THEME 7: Geodynamics  and Anatomy of Tectonic  Systems
  • THEME 8: The Primitive Earth: from Hadean to Neoarchean
  • THEME 9: Evolution and Dynamics of the Paleoproterozoic and Mesoproterozoic Earth
  • THEME 10: Rodinia to Gondwana
  • THEME 11: Brazilian Marginal Basins and their Onshore Contemporaries
  • THEME 12: Paleozoic in South America
  • THEME 13: Geological Developments during the Cenozoic – Concepts and Applications
  • THEME 14: Marine Geosciences and Oceanography 
  • THEME 15: Mineral Systems and Mineral Exploration
  • THEME 16: Petroleum Systems, Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons
  • THEME 17: Magmatism and Petrogenetic Processes
  • THEME 18: Remote Sensing, Geostatistics and Spatial Modeling
  • THEME 19: Geophysics 

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