11 to 15

October 2020

Brasília - Brazil

11 to 15 October 2020

Brasília - Brazil

Message from the

Organizing Committee

The 50th Brazilian Congress of Geology (50th CBG) will be held in 2021 (dates TBA), at the Ulysses Centro de Convenções in Brasilia, with the theme “Geology and Society: Building Bridges for a Sustainable Planet”. The 50th edition of the congress will take place 50 years after the first held in the District City, in 1970. Engaged in a modern and selective technical-scientific programming structure, the 50CBG will be, in 2021, the stage for the advancement of national geological knowledge in technical-scientific, corporative and socio-political spheres. The innovative spirit of this edition also brings special attention to the business and geocommunication sector, fostering discussions that integrate the exploitation and use of natural resources in the sustainable development of the country.

Brasilia was chosen as the host city of the 50th Brazilian Congress of Geology for several reasons. The country’s capital, located in the center of the Brazilian territory, houses 151 foreign representations, between embassies and international organizations, and is the political center of the nation. Lucio Costa’s bold conception of the city and the palaces and monuments created by architect Oscar Niemeyer made Brasilia a unique and modern metropolis, recognized by UNESCO in 1987 as a “Cultural Heritage of Humanity”. Located in the Central Plateau, in the Cerrado biome, Brasília is in the “Cradle of Waters”. With these natural characteristics, favorable logistical conditions to receive thousands of people and the experience of hosting a city in the organization of major events, Brasilia represents a unique venue for a Brazilian Geology Congress.

Brazil has immense geological wealth and potential to make new discoveries using innovative research techniques. There are demands to better know, disseminate and debate geology in the country, an important role that the 50th Brazilian Congress of Geology intends to fulfill by integrating academy, companies and professionals from various areas of geosciences in the debate on issues relevant to society. Interested parties and experts from all over the country will be in Brasilia and will leave technical contributions and political commitments, sharing sustainable solutions for the planet.

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